affair   A and I are living in a tiny, one room apartment down the hall from C and E. We have two doors that lead out into the hall. One of them is missing a doorknob.

C and E have broken up for some reason, and C comes over. I lock the doors and we have sex. A small, angry Hispanic woman keeps rattling the door and trying to open it. At one point I get up and tell her to go away. A comes back, and I try to get C to put his shirt on and sneak out the other door. He gets really angry that I'm trying to hide him, so I give up and unlock the door, letting A in.

A is horrified, and leaves me.

Then S and I are driving around looking for a liquor store... I keep running red lights, skidding through them, stopping halfway through the intersections. (2004-11-24)
posted by yzzordorex on 2004-11-24
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