vampires   It is early fall, still very warm. I'm at my father's old house with my step-cousins and former step-mother. I'm ten or eleven. We all pile into several cars and drive down the main road a little ways out of town. Brightly colored trees line both sides of the road: yellow, red, dense. We are supposed to be going to have a picnic.

As we draw close to the turn to go to the picnic spot, we see two boys, both in their early teens, waiving their arms frantically from the side of the road. We pull up to them and stop. They are both dirty, shirtless, drenched in sweat.

They tell us that there are vampires living in the woods and not to go in there. That there area about twenty of them now, that five of their friends had been attacked and died before dawn.

We turn around and drive away, back toward town.

Filled with overwhelming dread, I think, Oh god, it's started. (2004-11-22)
posted by yzzordorex on 2004-11-22
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