zombie parade   I'm walking along a winding, paved road through a lush, green forest. I somehow encounter MK. I go down a hill into a really pretty river valley but the river is frozen. I have a great time sliding around on the ice while M watches.

Then I walk some more and end up in an old, old city. Everything is very green. The buildings are all old and crumbling: the stones look rough, pocked. The streets are all cobbled. I think Oh, it's New Orleans, but it really looks nothing like it. I'm with AB and there is a huge festival going on - the streets are full of people and performers.

Suddenly everyone leaves quickly. A and I are the only ones left and we don't know what's going on... then, winding up the main street, we see the beginning of a huge parade of zombies approaching. We run as fast as we can to the edge of town where there is one high-rise building. We climb a rope ladder up to the top and pull it up just barely in time. Also up on the roof are my ex, DE (DO) and some other guy. We watch the zombies shuffle through town and talk a little. A bit later, another group of people shuffle up the road. Their faces are all painted like skulls and they have long, black dreaded hair and are wearing top hats and coattails. After they've gone, we all climb down.

AB and I walk back through town. We're walking through a cemetery. Near the back, I see a bottle of whiskey sitting on top of a flat, gray tombstone. I start making my way back toward it and suddenly I'm following this cute gray cat. As we reach the stone with the bottle, a rotting, blackened hand reaches up out of the ground at the adjacent grave, grabs the cat by the throat and pulls it underground. I start running, yelling for AB that we have to get out of there.

More stuff happenens... something involving my father and reading magazines on the couch and letting the stanger from the roof crash at our place, waking up in the morning to find that he'd marked all the walls and doors and windows with hundreds of little black crosses in grease pencil.... trying to get the door open, but it won't open, then telling AB that I had the most horrible dream. (2006-02-17)
posted by yzzordorex on 2006-02-17
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