buddha   MKJ is living with RN and his girlfriend in a huge glass house with ultra-modern decor. I go over there to spend time with MKJ and no one else is there. She's distraught about something and I feel helpless, unable to do anything for her. She falls asleep and then RN and his girlfriend call, so I go out to meet them.

I never do run in to them. It's night, I'm walking alone in the street and there is some big thing happening, lots of people everywhere, bright lights. I wait in line to get some coffee at a fancy coffee place and the line gets longer and longer, with me at the back of it. Finally I decide to leave, and all the people disappear, including the counter staff.

I'm in a big bowling alley waiting in line to pay for something at this atm type machine. I get to the front of the line and the atm is a little credit card terminal like stores use. I swipe my card, and spend what seems like an hour entering various numbers and options and fucking up, then starting all over again. Finally I accomplish whatever it was that I was trying to do and go.

There are a few people hanging out bowling, and they are people I knew from junior high/high school - Adam T. and Danny K. Neither of them recognize me. I go in to the bathroom, and they follow (apparently a unisex bathroom) and something is happening in a stall, some strange rattling/bubbling and I push open the door and there is a skeleton coming out of a frothy yellowish puddle of slime, putting itself together. It puts on a cowboy hat, starts whistling 'These Boots Were Made For Walking' and kills everyone in the bathroom.

I run out of the bathroom, out of the bowling alley, on to the street and I'm in a sort of strip mall, outdoor mall maybe, and I run in to a restaurant and all the waiters are carrying platters of what looks like bloody bones and I look again and it's maybe lasagne... I climb in to a hole in the wall and down a long corridor, wood slats, dusty, and come to a dead end. I turn back, run out through the restaurant, down a long flight of wooden stairs and down a hill. I'm in someone's back yard.

There are little rock fountains bubbling, some sort of buddha type statues with water pouring out of their heads, piles of metal shavings on a set of stone shelves. I go down another hill into another part of the yard and there are two enormous sculpture fountain things, eight or nine stories high. They look like copper and glass, abstract shapes that have smooth contours that end in sharp, spear-like metal points.

Something feels ominous. I wake up. (2006-02-24)
posted by yzzordorex on 2006-02-24
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