the farm   Background: This is not the first time I've had a very similar dream to this. It definitely feels a lot more real than a dream/nightmare. It feels like I have almost been transported into some, for lack of better wording, 'spirit world', energy mass, where I am meeting relatives; some dead, some not. It is not a good place to be is filled with a hell of a lot of evil and hatred - it's like I'm being sent to have it out and confront that plane of reality with that negative energy. It is such a terrible place to be. It is a lucid experience, I'd even say almost beyond lucid tipping into some part of reality we don't really understand yet. I know i've been there before in this state. I grew up in a small town but we spent most of our time at our farm 4 miles away. This farm had a some good energy as well as dangerously negative memories and people - and in my dreams this negative 'energy' wants to take me with it.

more background:
I'm back at the farm. An old 2 story farmhouse built in the 30s, My grandparents, my father and his 3 brothers and sisters grew up here. White, rectangular, simple. Surrounded by woods. Everyone would use the back entrance facing the river because of the dirt always tracked in. The back entrance was a door which directly led to the basement - always dark, cold cement. The rooms were used for food storage from some of the harvests. One 'room' was an enclosed concrete 10x10 area where we would store the fresh water to last for 4-5 months. I would always walk into the back entrance and have an uneasy feeling of the basement. Every single time. Everyday. We would have to take off our shoes and boots downstairs so we didn't track mud everywhere. To the left of the entrance was 5 steps leading up to the kitchen area. Felt like a safe zone - I would always take quicker steps to get there once I walked in the door to avoid the basement. I'd kick off my boots down the stairs to the basement so I wouldnt have to go down. It wasn't all negative...just dark and cold...but we did have some neat little machines there like a hand cranked butter churner that made a cool airplane whirring sound if you spun it fast enough.

The second floor felt almost as creepy as the basement. A narrow steep staircase led up there. The 2nd floor was 4 large bedrooms where the kids slept. Everything was old, felt old and creepy, but cool. I remember an old metal chicken you could wind up and it would walk and drop a couple metal egss out its ass.

Outside of the house we had 4 barns for storage of the farm equipment, the hay, and the animals - Mostly chickens. We (myself, my sisters and many cousins) would have a lot of area to play around in - a huge yard spreading 5 acres around the house - a 1/4 mile from the back entrance, down a hill was the river. and in front of the house was 400 acres of fields alternating between wheat, corn, mustard seed or whatever other grain we needed to grow. Sometimes we would even do sunflowers. That was an awesome site before harvest.

1/4 mile north was another house, a house we were told to stay clear of - as kids it was straight out of a horror movie. We knew a man lived there would did a lot of jail time and rolled with some pretty bad people. an old farmhouse in the woods, never taken care of, old rusted out cars sitting around...a trail leading to the river through the trees. Always creepy - I don't think we ever saw the man but we always tried to sneak up to the house without scaring ourselves shitless or getting caught.

To the dream: I can only add bits and pieces to. If I could only write down the intensity of emotion throughout the dream it would convey beyond lucidness.

I am at present age (mid 30s). and somehow I appear outside the farmhouse - it is grey and cold outside. I am about 100 feet south of the house, standing in the grass, the barns are around me as well. I can feel the wind pick up and swirl around me, I can feel the negative energy build up and I know something isn't right in the house. The storm clouds are rolling by overhead. I look around the yard and I see some of my cousins walking towards me. They seem to be normal but for some reason I try to warn them not to go into the house - they ignore me and walk past towards the house. There is such a huge negative feeling flowing though me it is almost overwhelming. I feel that I can't escape it and have to try an confront it to get whoever is in that house out. I walk toward the house and do this without hesitation, I know there is some pretty bad shit going on in there. I can feel the presence of some negative 'spirits' which I am unsure of who they are..but they feel like some dead relatives or something. I know I can't leave this place because they will just follow me. It is a now or never situation. The wind picks up, the grey skies become darker. Iwalk towards the back entrance. The door is really hard to open, like there is someone pulling on the other side. I close my eyes and can visualize just a dark shadow on the other side of the knows i'm coming and releases the door and disappears. I walk in and immediately feel this cold air and whispy voices leading down the dark stairs - it feels like my soul is trying to be pulled from my body and down to the basement. I close my eyes again and say 'no'. The low whispy voices seem upset and quietly but intensely scream at me overlapping each other. I knew right then I was in for a lot of trouble. I walk up the five steps to the kitchen where things suddenly appear bright and cheerful. I seem to almost be invisible for a moment floating around watching my grandmother cook and I see myself and cousins running around as children in the kitchen and living room like children do. A few seconds later it all stops and I come back into my body, fall down on the floor...I look right, it is a room leading to the second floor stairs. In an instant things the brightness of the room leaves and become grey and colorless. I see and feel this shadow slowly come from the room to the right, across the wall in front of me, across the wall to the right and moving towards the ceiling. It seems pretty angry and is speaking in some wierd language with a deep voice at me...almost cursing....then it disappears. I slowly turn around on the spot and look over the room to find nothing. it is really quiet now and a very cold chill hits the room. I stand in place. Five seconds later a huge bang is heard and the house begins to shake violently. Then at least 10 of these shadows start screaming across the walls and ceilings at high velocity, never leaving the room just encircling me...then they disappear as fast as the showed up and the house stops shaking. I've pretty much shit myself at this point but I know I have to get whoever is in this house out. I calm myself down, but as I'm doing it the house very slowly begins to shake again, lightly at first....and I hear the deep whispy voice faintly surround me flying all over, coming from all directions. I seem to understand what is happening and remain calm. I look around the room again, turn around quickly and as I stop to face the other room I get hit really hard in the chest and sent flying againt the wall knocking the wind out of me. At that instant the room becomes a dark stormy grey the house start to shake voilently, these shadows just come out of nowhere screaming in these demonic voices, flying around me at all speeds. I start hearing human screams from all around the house, scream that I know are my cousins and family members these dark shadows are attacking them. I don't have weapons. I close my eyes and just concentrate while these fuckers are tearing up the inside of the house...I feel like they won't try to attack me yet. I keep concentrating until I have some kind of energy field around me, some wierd force I cant explain. For some reason this just pissed of these demons more and I turn around and see them dragging one of my cousins into this dark area. My cousin is screaming and reaching towards me for help but this demon grabs him by the neck and takes him down, disappears into the blackness. All this while I hear other screams coming from all over. I open my arms wide and slowly turn in circles feeling this energy protect me, then I get hit hard in the back and knocked to the floor. I get up and just say Fuck it and I get fucking pissed off. I focus all my energy into running through the house trying to save others who are being attacked. Everywhere I go these demon shadows are taking people down into some dark areas each room has, I reachout and grab some people away, cursing at the demons, tell them that I am here to destroy them. Every person I take from their grasp I push them out the backdoor into the yard and tell them to run. I go back into the house and keep on getting violently attacked but also give them an ass kicking too. I think they killed three people, it must have been an hour or so I was in that house battling these things...they were relentless, even though I felt some outer body powers I had protect and fight for me I was getting worn down and knew I couldn't win this inside the house. There were too many at once. I'm not exactly sure what I did next - but I cursed at these things as the circled me nonstop at high speeds. I focused all my energy at them and felt a large lightmass leave my body and enter every single demon like I trapped them in the room somehow. I was exhausted, I closed my eyes again and felt myself warp outside the house really fast. I flew backwards like being shot and ended up outside in the yard. I saw the house go from white to black and heard horrid demonic screams like I've never heard before. I knew it wasn't long before they could escape whatever hold I had on them. I ran to the barn and grabbed as many tanks of gasoline as I could. Poured it all around the house leaving a few tanks near the outside heating oil tank. I looked through the windows and saw so much pain - the demons, the people they killed, everything was screaming though the windows....I looked back to the yard and saw all the people I've saved just staring at me, started breaking. I lit a match and threw it into the gasoline and began to run away. The house started burning fast and when it hit the big oil tank on the side it blew up. I felt a huge vaccuum, the air being sucked into the fire....the house exploded...then imploded - I heard unreal demonic screams then it just exploded again and sent me flying back. Then it was quiet. I told everyone to jump into cars and get the fuck out of there. I jumped into a car and threw a couple poeple into the back and open trunk compartment. I tried to drive away but the car wouldnt steer properly and we drove right into a tree about 200 feet from where the house had been. I look into the back seats of the car to make sure everyone is alright...everyone was motionless...and one of the old people I put in th back who was laying face down started to move, I felt a little relief until I saw her face...her eyes were pure black and she started to reach for me....

then I woke up. worst feelling ever. (2006-04-22)
posted by reap on 2006-04-22
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