)))))))))   I went downtown with J and my mother and we were at J's studio. You walked in to a store that was cluttered with stuff and there was a twisting narrow staircase and half of it was hidden and I started to go up and the woman who ran the store said no and I realized I'd lost my shoes somewhere. A huge corrugated metal door opens and J is in there, he's got all these weird sculptures and I climb and he has a room with a shitty metal futon and sheets and he climbs in and I know A has left me and I keep asking J to move in with me or let me move in with him at his studio and I throw myself at him on this futon and he twists the sheet around him, between us, and lays down. Then we're walking to a bar and he's gone and I'm with my mother and we get on the one train and its taking forever and then I'm walking through this corridor of a minimall like the one in kansas that my mother and I used to go to but its full of hipsters and people playing pool

and then I'm sitting in a room full of artists and my mom and J and this older man has a little wolverine that he plans to paint and he rips out all of its teeth but just a few in front with a thick metal wire and I write some things down because I plan to report him to animal cruelty. I get up and leave at some point and I'm outside near the entrance to the subway and this girl is smoking a cigarette and I recognize her as the proprietor of the weird shop where J has his studio and she asks 'What do you think of this area?' and I reply 'I'd love to live down here.' There are two or three stray cats sitting in a little alcove across the sidewalk from us and I decide to go try to pet one and this black one grabs on to my hand and arm with all of its teeth and claws and i'm swinging it around trying to get it off and I can feel its claws sinking in to my arm. I have to spin around and shake it and shake it to get it to finally let go.

Then I'm back in what i guess is my apartment and it is this tiny one room with all this yellow wallpaper streaked with water stains and what was once a beautiful stained glass skylight that is all boarded up. J and some other guy are with me, not A, and I don't even want him there and I hate my apartment and I look at the bed and then i wake up coughing, it hurts because I bruised my diaphragm throwing up and I check for him next to me and he's not there and then I remember everything and (2006-12-31)
posted by yzzordorex on 2006-12-31
cat ex pain teeth water yellow Recurring character nightmare
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