themeless   I'm in a big, dark old house with BG that is mine as a result of the breakup with CB. There's a huge tv and shelves full of collectible toys. The Simpsons figures, etc. The windows are covered in heavy black, blue and red velvet curtains. Shafts of light come through and I can see motes of dust in them.

BG finds an old green notebook full of my dreams and sets ist aside to read later.

I'm off in some other part of the house making a terrible salty alfredo sauce. It's my real kitchen, then, and my dad is there. He leaves the top half of the window open. Worried about the cats, I close it but it falls out of the frame and crashes to the ground five floors below.

I go find BG and he's wearing a black suit with a purple button-down shirt and a big silver cross. We're in a room full of his family and friends. He reaches under my shirt and grabs my breast and I slap him across the face. His family sort of gasps then chuckles. I leave the room.

I'm laying on a waterbed looking at an ad for a trip to cross the Bering Strait with Mark Ryden and there's a picture of clear blue water filled with dark red jellyfish that look like clouds of blood blooming under water. I want to go but I see that the airport is the same one that AB and I flew into when we went to the UK.

A realtor shows up and enters without knocking, startling me. She has with her a cute French girl and they go into the living room and get comfortable watching television, like they belong there. I've begun to think the house is haunted. (2007-02-01)
posted by yzzordorex on 2007-02-01
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