flowers   I was running through a park

and I had to go around a big street fair kind of thing

I ended up running through it and everyone was sort of menacing... eating, and everything people were eating was rotten and black or dripping blood

and I got through the fair and had to cross this big muddy road and in the middle the puddle was up to my knees

so I get through that and then I'm running in this park and there are boats... it's like an inlet on a lake and all these rich people have their boats parked on little docks

and I pass this woman walking a huge dog that looks sort of like a wolf. It's comes up to my waist and has huge teeth

and as I pass, it wrenches away from her and she drops the leash and then I'm just running away from this dog for fucking ever. I pass all of this roadkill. It almost seems as though people dumped their dead pets along this path. There is a rotting dog on the path every five or six feet

it finally catches me and I fall and i kick it in the face and drag myself up and run away

and then I'm sitting at the edge of the park with loretta and Adam's mother picking violets and I sit there between the two of them and it's uncomfortable and they talk to each other like I'm not there

I pull the violets out of the ground carefully, getting the whole stem

Adam's mother just tears the heads off the flowers, and when I point this out she just stares at me

Loretta isn't doing anything at all but just watching. (2007-02-03)
posted by yzzordorex on 2007-02-03
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