over   I am getting a divorce. I turn to MFG for help, ask if I can stay with him, and he says ok. My husband takes everything. I have no money, no stuff, nowhere to go. I move in with MFG and I'm in his living room with a bunch of other people, don't know them, and he says to me, "Get out. And leave your ipod."

I'm shocked. I leave, and move in with my mother. Then somehow I'm with my father. He's still married to V. and my stepbrothers are still there. The house is incredibly fucked up and run down. I'm in the bathroom trying to fix the shower so I can bathe when I hear the cats screaming. I go in to the laundry room and see Pearl cut open and Kali stuffed inside her. They're both dead. CMK tells me that my uncle CK did it. I'm furious, I scream at everyone and I leave.

I can't get on a plane with the other two cats so I decide to drive back to Colorado. I guess my car breaks down or something because I'm walking through a desert that looks sort of like a child's drawing of a desert, and there are lots of flowers everywhere but they don't look real.

I come to a little town, there are restaurants and a river runs down the main street and to one side is a massive mountain made of socks. There are some strange looking sleeping beasts on it, too. Sort of rhino-triceratops creatures. Something happens to wake them up and they run around thunderously and eat people. Trying to get away from them, I dive in to the socks and try to hide, but I can't get myself in very far and I know my legs are sticking out and one of the creatures is going to eat me. (2007-05-09)
posted by yzzordorex on 2007-05-09
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