disease pregnancy   i am in a depressed urban area in the summer. it's very hot, bright; colors are washed out because of the overwhelming brightness.

there was a widespread airborne bacteria that cause women to appear to become pregnant, but they were really just swollen with amniotic fluid. when their water would break, it would infect them and those around them with rapid-onset leprosy. the solution was to not fall asleep. the bacteria was neurological and could only effect you when you were in REM cycles. somehow, people discovered a way to enter a deep meditative trance state that gave your brain the same rest as actual sleep. but it was still dangerous to do that, because it made you so relaxed you were tempted to sleep. there was no cure.

a close friend of mine had caught it and looked fully swollen. i stopped sleeping in preparation of her 'water breaking'. it involved a lot of sneaking around, avoiding her. in the end i sat on a bare mattress and looked down at my feet with tiny ants crawling over them, thinking about the inevitability of needing and wanting to sleep. (2008-03-29)
posted by anoukephemere on 2008-03-29
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