Horror Movie Dream   I found myself in a movie theater with some carnivorous, vampiristic, flesh eating monsters that looked like real peopel but were not. Once the doors would close, and the lights turned down, and the movie began, these freaks of nature would begin eating all the normal people. Now, some people were totally consumed, but others were "turned into" that which tried to eat them. Kind of like how vampires make other vampires. They would go into this flesh eating, barbaric, frezny. I found myself as a regular person in the theater with a friend who knew what was going to happen, but wanted to "experience it" - He had some little white pills - in which he gave me one - that would make us "immune" from the flesh eating, vampire beings.

I blacked out and found myself "against" these horrible people/monsters - and I tried to get away from them. I found myself running through the woods, up a hill and over the hill I found a home, where German Sheppard Dogs werer raised, and trained by some old fat, and balding man. The man agreed to help me, but I put him in danger, because just as I entered into his house, one of those crazy monster peoploe bit one of his dogs. So we had to kill the dog and clean up the blood so the other dogs didn't lick up the blood and turn into monster dogs and kill the owner.

I then realized I had a baby. A tiny little girl baby, that looked like a small minature baby doll. I found myself in a parade for the town, where the monster people insisted they take part in - even though others didn't want them to. The parade led us back to the towns movie theatre. And you guessed it, just as when the lights when down low, and the doors shut, and the movie began to run, the crazy monster people turned into crazy carnivorious, flesh eating monsters, and started eating everyone. So, I sensed this happening, and took my baby and ran out of the door before it shut, and ran and ran. However, one of those crazy monsters noticed I escaped and came after me.

He cornered me in some loft with my baby. However I found out I had "special powers, and so did my baby" and I was able to keep myself safe. But he was still coming after me wanting to cut my legs off. In the process of him trying to mutilate me - he mutilated himself to pieces. (2008-04-03)
posted by snakewoman on 2008-04-03
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