dark   I'm in a house like my mother's waiting for Kelly. I feel really drunk. We're supposed to go somewhere.

(A lot of stuff happens here, but I don't recall it now.)

Then I'm in a dark room. A sliver of light from a door that's been opened a crack cuts through the darkness and I see a woman with no arms or legs sprawled in front of me on the floor, glowering at me with intense hatred. The door closes and the light is gone. I can hear her pulling her body across the floor toward me.

I run. Down a long black hallway, I'm splashing though ankle deep water. I get to the end of the hallway, and I'm back in the black room where I first saw the woman. The room is now lit with a diffuse reddish light. A man stands in the corner in front of a mirror, brushing thick black short hair. A bathtub is recessed into another wall. A large woman is in it, bathing. A small creature in a boat the size of my hand is paddling back and forth across the room. It flickers into a miniature version of the armless and legless woman, then back into the little creature. (2001-12-01)
posted by yzzordorex on 2001-12-01
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