tooth   I run into Kathy G. somewhere and she's wearing a bracelet made out of the ram's head necklace that I wore in high school. I point it out and try to take it from her, but she doesn't let me.

I feel something stuck to one of my molars, like the shell of a kernel of popcorn. I dig at it and it finally comes loose. I pull it out of my mouth and it's one of the sealants that are supposed to protect my teeth.

I mutter to myself, "I really need to find a better dentist."

I turn the thing over in my hand and realize that it's more than just the sealant. Tooth enamel has pulled away with it too, and there are deep red, almost black creases inside. (2008-04-10)
posted by yzzordorex on 2008-04-10
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