3/11/11 Dream   I was in the bed and house where I was sleeping and woke up and things not right with the house. floors were cracked and toilets/sinks missing and water coming up from the ground where the toilets had been taken out. Water was seeping up through cracks in the floor. I walked from room to room and the houses in the neighborhood were all connected to eachother so when I walked from a room in my house I could walk into my neighbors house. Crews came to fix things but were not distressed by it all. They went about their business trying to fix things. Some people in another room were smoking a hooka pipe. Once I got out of the house I could see all the houses in the neighborhood had moved and were all connected but all were very damaged. I seemed to be the only person distressed by it all.
When I awoke to the radio alarm statement about the 8.9 earthquake in Japan.
The next night I had a dream of a small box like house not touching the ground but balancing on bricks and tippy. there was a woman that reminded me of Courtney Cox and a strange looking baby like the dancing one in the old Ally McBeal show. The house was empty except for a bed on the floor in the only bedroom where a non-descript man was. Seemed like a 2 room house: bedroom and living room without furniture and no kitchen. Again I am distressed but the woman, baby, and man seemed okay. (2011-03-11)
posted by emilina on 2011-03-18
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