a dark place   This is a reacuring dream that started when i was
very, very young. Originally, it began with my
parents and I in the middle of the woods,
building a house. My father has set up a sort of
rail system that he is using to slide huge
boulders around, with the intentions of making
our house out of them. Something goes wrong tho,
and the huge rocks start falling all around us. I
am crushed. I wake up in a dark place that feels
like a warehouse or a factory. There are
enourmous rocks being moved around on conveyor
belts. eventually, the machinery jams and the
rocks begin to slide out of control and crash
into each other. With each colision, i am
bombarded by a strange, alien emotion. To this
day I cannot name it, it is not quite as neat and
clean as 'hopeless bleak despair' it is complex
and terrible. Eventually, prolly when I was
around ten, these dreams became more frequent and
the begining segment was dropped... sometimes it
wasn't even the factory... it was just a series
of images of huge stones smashing together,
coupled with a completely unkown feeling of total
dread and discomfort. Sometimes, there would be a
small, white flower growing out of one of the
boulders. There were also occasional images of a
dry field under a grey sky, with the same single
flower growing from it. Eventually, tho, all of
the imagry left, and it was just that wierd
emotion. It would start slowly, and as it came on
I would feel my body growing, and joining with
everyone on the planet, until I had no idea who I
was. Sometimes I became the Earth itself, and the
combined thoughts of each of its inhabitants.
Other times I would just be an enourmous stone
version of myself floating in space. One day, i
woke up from this dream and couldn't escape the
feeling that I was much larger than my body. I
sat on the couch in my living room in a blanket
for a few days, and my dad told me to say the
alphabet backwards and to really think about it,
concentrate. I don't know if that helped but
eventually I stoped thinking about the dream and
actually sort of beat it. That was when I was 12
and I didn't have it again till I was nineteen.
That time I was half awake/ half asleep lying in
bed, and i suddenly felt myself slipping away and
joining with everyone in town. It was a single
episode though, and I didn't have it again fr
four more years, until one night a week ago. It
didn't really bother me this last time though. (2001-11-29)
posted by ReggieReno on 2001-11-29
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