gun shots + sex   i wuz goin to get it on with this guy in this
huge house... he wuz rich rich rich... we were
naked, but it wuz like we were in the living
room, and so we thot we didn't want his family to
see us, cause he wuz suppose to have a proper
girlfriend and all, so we decide to go up to his
room... and of course one of the prospects his
parents picked out for him wuz tryin to sneak
into his room in front of me... but i got in...
then i realized that i had not locked the door
to my room.. and i just knew they would be gettin
into my things... so i peeked out the door, and
sure enough her and her friend.. pulled out all
of my stuff into the hall way, and she wuz
reading my journal... i flipped, and the next
thing i know i wuz punchin her in the face...
and then her friend... and i grab my journal, and
decide this iz not a place i want to stay at,
cause it's all so stupid... i'm not goin to fight
over a boy, if she wants him she can have him...
and fuck that about her reading my journal... so
i start down the spiral staircase, only to be
confronted by his family with a shotgun... ahhhhh
I run back up the stairs, and into a room...
there wuz a wedding goin on (my feet felt like
lead).. and i have a trail of bullets following
me, everybody starts screamin and ducking... i
find a small window, push on it, and there is a
pole that i can slide down, so i do...

i got away...

dang weird one... i woke up huffin and puffin
posted by crangirl on 2001-12-08
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