let go of me   I'm in an office building; lots of white linoleum, fluorescent lights overhead. One room is a pharmacy. People mill around in white lab coats. I watch one man stealing cocaine from the pharmacy. I talk to Jen about it. I'm in the bathroom of this building. It is silent, but I feel as though I'm not alone. I open one of the stall doors and see a dark haired woman huddled in the corner. She stands abruptly and is unruffled. She leaves. I leave.

Down a few floors I see the pharmacist that stole the cocaine earlier sitting on the side of a large swimming pool with his son and each of them hold a fishing pole. The child puts his down and dives in to the pool. The father dives in after him. He pursues the child, overtakes him easily, stands holding him in the shallow end. (I'm watching all this from above, from the other side of a glass wall, an escalator or something.) He shakes him. He screams at him, though I can't pick out the words. He puts his mouth to the child's mouth and exhales will all the force he can, and the child balloons up. When he removes his mouth, the kid deflates, back to normal, and collapses in the water, dead. The father attaches him to his fishing line by the hook and leaves him in the water. He sinks. The pool is suddenly twice as deep as it was. Another child comes, is swimming, and I'm swimming, and then the water drains away but for a few feet and I see this dead kid hanging by a hook in the 'shallow' end (it is really about fourteen feet deep).

There are windows down along the sides of the pool. I climb through one, and I am sitting around a meeting table with my mother and some other people. It is a waiting room. I'm complaining about my teeth to her: 'I will have to have all these pulled, I am in constant pain.' The dentist is the pharmacist that was stealing cocaine before, I don't want to see him, so I tell my mother. She calls all these authoratative figures, tells them I'd like to lodge a complaint. I wanted to do no such thing, I just wanted to see a different dentist. So I say, 'It was nothing,' and they all leave.

She suddenly latches on to me, she WON'T LET GO and I can't shake her off, I call the authoratative people back and make a complaint against the dentist, but still she's there and I run down several flights of stairs, dragging her behind me, I jump down a few flights, knock people over, still dragging her behind me and I can't get away, and I wake up sweating. (2001-12-14)
posted by yzzordorex on 2001-12-14
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