falling over   I'm standing at the edge of a pond. The sky is bright blue, the grass bright green. I fall over, into the water. I can't seem to right myself, and struggle to stand for some time. Everything disintegrates and a giant dog head is coming toward my face. It is wearing a strange wide grin. we spin around facing each other, then it goes away toward a little caravan and an old gypsy man with long white hair. i turn away and fall over, and again have a difficult time standing up. i'm in a room with white carpet and my step sister.

I leave the room, go into another, larger room. dit is covered in thick white carpet. I know that there are still lots of bugs under the carpet. I turn to my father and say 'There are bugs under there' and he pulls the rug away and there they are. I shake more poison out of the can. (2001-12-16)
posted by yzzordorex on 2001-12-16
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