Treading Water   Claire and I are having an arguement while treading water in a large, warm pool. Swimming
around at our feet is a porpoise who occsionally comes ns of red-clad
quasi-human warriors. It is the armies of hell preparing to do battle. While I am awed by this,
both Claire and I are unafraid because we know that evil consumes itself, and that that the
things in the peach eggs are more on our side, while the armies doing battle with them don't
stand a chance. (2001-12-16)
posted by thevisionthing on 2001-12-16
claire hell sex Recurring character
My Analysis The idea of cutting away ice like this comes from a story one our project managers told at work
about an eskimo tribe working their asses off to save four whales trapped in a bay. They
carved huge holes at regular intervals so that they whales could breathe on their way out to
open water. The swimming with Claire thing is because Claire almost spent the night, but went
home so she could bathe, and because she was wearing contacts. The peaches hatching into
demons comes from Sandman #50, the Ramadan issue, which I was thinking of last night
because it was the last day of Ramadan and because people are dying, as though the dark egg
is hatching. Interesting too that Claire and I were watching all this so dispassionately,
considering the armies of hell were clashing. I figure the demons in the eggs must be the US,
and the armies of hell must be the Taliban. I remember the armies of hell reminding me of the
Uruk-Hai from Tolkein.
- thevisionthing on 2001-12-16
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