Plane Explosion   Beth and I are visiting friends in the downtown area of a city. While walking to a coffee shop one eveing we look up into the sky to see a passenger plane moving impossibly fast and low through the sky. It seems about to land, but instead curves upward with the agility of a much smaller plane and begins to climb straight up into the sky. As we all watch, the two main turbine engines begin to emit jets of flame. At first I assume it's a kind of afterburner, but soon the entire plane ignites and bursts into an unreal-looking expolosion, like the death star exploding in the end of the first Star Wars. At this point, everyone loses all rationality and there is a total panic. Once reserved and sedate yuppies are now looting the coffee shop. Beth and I decide to pack up and leave the city as soon as possible.

Once we are back at the house, the mood abruptly changes. We are taking our time getting packed, and happily visualising the places we will visit. I'm happy that Beth is around, and as I'm packing up Cds and tapes I begin to realize that I have an enormous crush on one of the women we've been staying with. She's a painter, I think. She dresses in off-white clothes that she's made herself and has lots of piercings. I feel very comfortable around her and wish I could get to know her better, she if she feels the same way. I suddenly don't want to leave and have completely forgotten there was any danger. (2001-12-20)

posted by thevisionthing on 2001-12-20
beth contentment plane Recurring character
My Analysis Of course the image of a passenger jet bursting
into flames is a pretty loaded one these days,
but I think this has little to do with 9/11. I
think it is more a powerful symbolic reversal of
my anxiety dreams regarding flight. I have this
terrible recurring nightmare about missing a
plane, and in this dream the plane explodes. I
am glad not to have been on it. More
importantly, despite the chaos and panic I think
the prevailing emotions in this dream are relief
and love. I love the people I'm with, and where
in previous nightmares about missing the plane
I've felt this unquenchable urgency, in this
dream where the plane is destroyed I feel
contentment, as though the place I'm in is the
place I belong. I think I may have solved the
riddle of this particular nightmare. For the
longest time, I tried to find the underlying
Freudian Psychological reason for this anxiety,
but I've realized as of a few days ago that I
think it's simply letting time rule me. If I
give myself enough time to get enough rest, and
don't wake up three times a night to look at the
clock, I will sleep better.

As incongruous and
terrible as it may seem, the explosion is a
powerfully good (or at least bittersweet) thing
in this dream.

- thevisionthing on 2001-12-20
Plane nightmares I've had recurring nightmares of planes crashing
for all of my adult life, maybe earlier, I can't
remember. (And I'm 32.) It usually involves lots
of planes seen flying low, crashing, with
everything having a reddish cast. Sometimes it
involves a plane (or train) crashing into the
building I am in... but usually my consciousness
switches to outside the building just before it
happens and I watch it from there. All this before
9/11. It usually coincides with periods in my life
when I feel completely out of control -- meaning
feeling like I have no control over what's
happening to me in real life and it's scary. You know.
- ciaracat on 2002-09-21
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